"Bring visually impaired children in disadvantage opportunities to approach the comprehensive and appropriate education helping them develop all potentialities, and gain essential knowledge and skills to independently attain happy life and social integration."



“Create opportunities for visually impaired children in disadvantage to access to a well-rounded and appropriate education; to help children develop their full potential, gain essential knowledge and skills to live independently and integrate into the society.”


     "Overcome darkness through education" is a vision-oriented objectives for the establishment and activities of Thien An Shelter during 15 years. Clearly define education as the core vehicle, the main way to help blind people regain personalist, overcome barriers and strive to live independently and integrate into society. The teachers, staff and volunteers of the shelter always create the best conditions for them to have access to all learning opportunities appropriate and effective, helping them develop their full potential.


     The goal of Thien An Shelter is that students after graduation from the shelter are capable of living independently, integrating into the society, having stable jobs, feeding themselves and their family, and not becoming a burden for the society. When coming to the shelter, the students could learn special skills of the blinds, become literate, and also learn vocational training.


     When new childrens come to the shelter, they will be participating in rehabilitation classes such as:

  • The skills to read, write, and use Braille as a foundation for higher education.
  • The skills to use computers specialized for the blinds in preparation for their future work and study.
  • The skills to orient and move, to use the cane to walk on the streets to build confidence and independence in students.
  • The daily skills such as cooking, washing and ironing clothes, doing household chores, etc. which will help students to be able to take care of themselves and live independently.


     Besides learning in the rehabilitation classes, the children also have the opportunities to learn education or vocational training depending on their personal situations, abilities or decisions. All of the children are encouraged to finish at least the primary school level. After, they could advance their education to high school and college level. The children who pursue primary school education go to class at the shelter because of their older age as well as to shorten the learning time. Children who want to pursue high school and college education will go to regular schools and colleges and study together normal students. Many are pursuing the majors such as psychology, English, special education, music, information technology…


     For the students who do not wish to obtain an education, they could learn vocational training. The shelter currently offers training programs in massage and music. Students who learn music have the opportunities to learn to play drums, electronic keyboards, guitar, traditional instruments such as monochord, flute, zither, etc. In massaging program, students learn foot massage, body massage, Japanese massage…


     Besides pursuing an education and learning vocational training, students are encouraged to play sports such as swimming, Judo, Aikido, chess, etc. to have a better health and to build confidence in themselves.


     After 15 years operating, the shelter has more than 110 students graduated; they are living independently and have steady jobs. Students become teachers, presidents of the local organizations for the blinds, massaging professional, and music players at music coffee shop. Especially, some pursue sport careers and become national athletes participating in both domestic and national championships.


     The teachers, staffs, and volunteers are always by Thien An’s students’ side on their journey through the darkness.


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