"Bring visually impaired children in disadvantage opportunities to approach the comprehensive and appropriate education helping them develop all potentialities, and gain essential knowledge and skills to independently attain happy life and social integration."

Thien An Shelter - A social support center

Thien An Shelter - A social support center

Thien An Shelter (MATA) is a social support center for visually impaired youth, was established with purpose helping visually impaired children in disadvantaged to access to education, learning essential skills to live independently and integrate into the society.

Thien An Shelter (MATA) was established in 1999 by Mr Nguyen Quoc Phong.


“Create opportunities for visually impaired children in disadvantage to access to a well-rounded and appropriate education; to help children develop their full potential, gain essential knowledge and skills to live independently and integrate into the society.”


Slogan of MATA: “Overcome darkness through Education”


  • Visually impaired children aged 10 and older, living in rural regions, having little opportunities to access to education 
  • Young people who are recently visually impaired due to accidents or illness


Core Programs

  • Provide accommodation, education, entertainment activities for 30 boarding students and 15 part-time students
  • Organize courses to develop essential skills for the visually impaired such as Braille Alphabet, computing, music, language, soft skills, massage...
  • Translate documents regarding Visual Disability, research, develop and popularize soft-wares for the visually impaired
  • Publish and produce books with Braille Alphabet, Audio Books, Large-Print Books, and White Cane (special walking stick for visually impaired people)


Major Achievements

  • So far, 110 students in boarding program, who all have difficulties and live in rural regions, have had stable jobs and been able to live independently
  • Organized 2 courses about Japanese Anma Techniques, and many massage courses, which help create jobs for more than 120 visually impaired young people
  • 3 soft-wares are widely used: MATA Keyboard, MATA Talking Dictionary, MATA Braille Translator.
  • Research, translate and compile useful materials for visually impaired people in Vietnam 


Sources of funding

       MATA is completely self-sufficient in finance. So far, the students of MATA are still free in all activities. 

       For operational expenditure, MATA produces special products for visually impaired people such as braille book, audio book, white cane… Besides, MATA also receives the supports of the project, the scholarship fund, friends and benefactors





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